Vatican Jesuits vs. Israeli Mossad

The pyramid of control and duplicity behind the scenes often leads to either the Mossad whose motto is “By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War” versus the military Society of Jesus (SJ) which is cloaked in the black robes of religion and the Roman Catholic Church.  On the surface it would appear the Mossad or intelligence apparatus of Israel would be the clear mover and shaker in the global control of governments and people.  What is the perception of the roles of these two groups in geopolitical world affairs and which group is in actual control?

David Icke Has Been Discussing the Orwellian Control Grid For Years

David Icke's Talks Feature the Pyramid Power Structure

Anyone looking into the pyramid of control will be aware of the books and speeches of David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, Freeman Fry and others.  They have researched the occult (what is hidden from view) and esoteric secret societies that have their symbols throughout corporate America in our architecture and company logos.  So much is written these days about these groups of people its often difficult to discern the truth from intentional disinformation which leads to false understanding.

This author has had many close friends argue heatedly and compassionately why my conclusions on this question are incorrect.  It is difficult to see behind the veil of secrecy, deception, and corruption of these people. Occasionally an insider plagued with guilt and remorse for their past lives and actions will come forward and disclose their secrets.  Two such men are former P2 Lodge and Monte Carlo Lodge Illuminati Grand Master Leo Zagami and Illuminati insider John Todd.

My research into the JFK assassination and the attacks on 9/11, it looked like the perpetrators of 9/11 were the Neocons from the Bush/Cheney Pentagon and administration and their Zionist pro Israeli supporters and lobbyists in AIPAC and the Washington DC Zionist oriented political think tanks.  The resulting “war on terror” and two preemptive wars of aggression seemed to benefit Zionist backers of the dream for a “Greater Israel” (qui bono) and vilified an entire group of 1.5 billion Arab Islamic people.  We were introduced to a new “boogeyman” to fear,  the terrorist network of Mujahideen trained, financed and controlled CIA operatives hired to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan (1979-1989) and the US war in Serbia Herzogovina, Al-Qaeda (which refers to the CIA’s data base).

There were the “five dancing Israeli’s” arrested on 9/11, several hundred Israeli art students which later were revealed as spies, the WTC tenants warned to stay away with the Odigo phone company, the false propaganda from the national Jewish owned television and newspaper coverage, the suspicious new Zionist owner of the WTC Complex leases “Lucky” Larry Silverstein whose real estate company purchased terrorism insurance on the buildings, the comments of Israeli Prime Minister Benzamin Netanyahu after the WTC attacks, the Pro Israeli Neocon Republican administration, and the Israel first US Congress.  These were just the surface facts that lead to suspecting Zionist or Mossad control of perpetrating the 9/11 attacks.

9/11 Implications

Initial reading of the 9/11 narrative might lead to the desecrating symbols of America shown in this image of NYC’s Statue of Liberty.   This would be a false conclusion.  The conspiracy behind the 9/11 terrorism attacks on America (including the following anthrax bioterrorism meant to intimidate Congress and the newsmedia), goes much deeper than a false flag operation of the Israeli Mossad.  This group left their fingerprints at the crime scene but the real criminal cabal directing and hiding in the shadows was described completely in JFK’s speech on April 27th, 1961.

The Vatican and their deceptive secrecy based military orders that have infiltrated and control all levels of the American government and society are the only group capable of pulling off an operation of this magnitude and scale.  They were able to assassinate John F. Kennedy in broad daylight and avoid being held accountable or even publicly named in the investigation forty six years ago.  Michael Collins Piper in his book “Final Judgement” came close to the Israeli connections and motivations for the JFK murder, as does Eric Jon Phelps in his book “Vatican Assassins“.  Proving the thesis of the Vatican’s role in 9/11 would take a lengthy book with sources and references beyond the scope of this blog post (please study the in depth 1,834 page research offered by Eric Phelps or the well researched work of Charles T. Wilcox for a thorough discussion of the Vatican’s role and goals in the world).

The psychological terror and trauma created by the September Eleventh attacks on a seemingly invincible America was the beginning of an accelerated long term global plan to subjugate the citizens of America and the world under total control.  The Vatican has a vast intelligence and military network of men and women sworn to blood oaths of secrecy and loyalty to the Pope (Black and White) within what is commonly called the “Brotherhood of Death“.  This brotherhood includes the Jesuits, Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Knights of the Golden Dawn, Knights Templar, the Royal families of Europe and England, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Rosacrucians.  They used the long planned attacks to consolidate control using fear to convince the Americans that their Bill of Rights and liberty needed to be reduced or eliminated for their own safety from future acts of terrorism.

Besides falsely blaming islamic terrorists from Afghanistan for the attack on America and immediately launching a war of aggression on their people and government, in direct violation of the United Nations Charter and treaties, the US Congress passed the ignominously named “Patriot Act” without even reading the words in the bill. Americans did not object to the “Patriot Act” because they wanted their government to protect them from their fear of “anthrax in the mail” and any further terrorist events on other American landmarks and people.  They were told by their government leaders and talking heads on television, that another terrorist attack on America was imminent and unavoidable in the future.  This was the beginning of the global plan of the “New World Order” first spoken of glowingly by George H. W. Bush on September 11th, 1991.

Novus Ordo Seclorum roughly translates form Latin to the “New World Order”.  In 2009, the globalist attack is now on the dollar and the economy of the United States of America and is displayed symbolically on the back of the One Dollar bill and Great Seal of America.

Ask yourself why are symbols of the Egyptian pyramid and “all seeing eye of Horus” displayed on the money of the United States?  Could it have something to do with the goals of the Vatican and their secret orders?  Does this symbolism relate to the Babylonian Mystery Schools and the Freemasons that were the founding fathers of this country?  Are there similar symbols and architecture from ancient Babylon and Egypt and the “religion” of the higher level Freemasons found in the Vatican?  Are these Freemasonic symbols also found in the architecture and layout of Washington DC?  Wake up.  Look around you with “eyes to see”.

Novus Ordo Seclorum New World Order

Novus Ordo Seclorum "New World Order"

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“Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy…”

“Conspiracy Theory” has become a phrase that is often used by the talking heads on television and politicians to discredit anyone that questions the official explanation of 9/11/01 or any other event in world history or geopolitics.  Conspiracies are committed every day in America and prosecutors often charge persons with conspiracy to commit a crime as a separate offense as defined in the criminal code.  So why has adding of the word “theory” to this word defining a crime, been turned into a discrediting dismissive attack on people that question the government’s obvious and blatant lies?

John F. Kennedy used the phrase “Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy…” in his April 27, 1961 speech as discussed and linked in the previous blog post.  He described the conspiracy, without giving them a name or identifying them, that assassinated him two and a half years later.  History has shown that Lee Harvey Oswald, the lone gun man, was exactly what he said, “a patsy”.  Who was Kennedy talking about in this speech?

JFK and Jackie In Dealey Plaza

JFK and Jackie In Dealey Plaza

A list of ten (10) possible conspiracy groups were provided in the “Rabbit Hole” post after the link to the Kennedy speech.  Did the reader examine the groups to determine which conspiracy or group of people was being referenced by John Kennedy?

In this authors opinion only one group fits the description, and that is the last option offered as number ten, the Vatican.  John Kennedy, as the first Roman Catholic president ever elected, was warning the public about the sinister role of the Jesuit Order under the umbrella of the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church as the enemy of the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights.   The Jesuits have been involved in orchestrating most wars and political assassinations and have been kicked out of 73 countries for their duplicity.   The Jesuits are a military order created under Pope Paul III by the first Jesuit Supreme General, Ignatius Loyola or the Black Pope in 1534 to counter the Protestant Reformation.  The Jesuits are an order that requires its leaders to take a blood secrecy oath (revealing their secret plans or actions result in taking their blood or death).  The current chain of command and titles of the “latest puppet” US President Barack Obama under the Black Pope Adolfo Nicolas are pictured on Eric Phelps web site here:

The Vatican and Holy See

The Vatican and Holy See

Eric Phelps latest 1,834 page footnoted book “Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends” is not the only credible source for reaching this conclusion.  Charles Wilcox, a Canadian Author, has written a scholarly book titled, “The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hijacking of the American Government: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”.

The tentacles of the Vatican reach into all aspects of our daily lives and they control many of the other potential ten named conspiracy groups listed in the previous blog post “Rabbit Hole”.  The Vatican through their control of the secret blood oath societies like the Skull and Bones, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Knights of the Golden Dawn, and higher levels of the Freemasons have control of the global intelligence apparatus often referred to as the Omega Group including the CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, Mossad, and others.  The Vatican controls global finance through their designated treasurer of their vast wealth and holdings of gold, the Rothschilds.  Their tentacles also reach into Israel’s Rabbi’s and the Zionist groups many of whom are also high Freemasons.  Another of the listed groups controlled by the Vatican is the mafia or Italian/Sicilian based La Cosa Nostra.  In addition, when you look carefully at the people running the military industrial complex, warned about by President Eisenhower, you will discover that the Vatican and their secret societies play key roles of control.

Please listen and read again the speech by JFK concerning the “Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy…” and ask yourself, is John Kennedy in fact describing the Vatican.  Is it the Vatican and the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) that are orchestrating with their secret blood oaths their “ordo ab chaos” to bring about their New World Order (NWO – as inscribed in Latin in the Great Seal of the United States on back of the One Dollar Federal Reserve Note), incorporating one world government, one world religion, and total control and enslavement of the earth’s populations through the planned destruction of the world’s economy and then the depopulation of the planet using the man made human-avian-swine flu pandemic and vaccination system?

The Georgia Guidestones - Earth Population (500 Million People)

The Georgia Guidestones - Earth Population (500 Million People)

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