Introduction To Findings (9/25/07)

As a core member of “Pilots for 911 Truth” our names, pictures, and views on the “terrorist attacks” on NYC’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville were offered to Alan Miller for his compilation of informed views about what actually happened.

As an introduction to my views formed by my research, please review my published statement on “Patriots Question 911” with a brief thumbnail of my military flight experience as a USAF pilot.

Formal T-38 Photo in Flight Gear

“Former U.S. Air Force pilot.  Aircraft flown: Lockheed C-141 Starlifter, Cessna T-37 “Tweet”, Northrup T-38 Talon.

“When 9/11 occurred I bought the entire government and mainstream media story line.  I was a lifelong conservative Republican that voted for Bush/Cheney, twice.  Curiosity about JFK’s death, after a late night TV re-run of Oliver Stone’s movie, got me started researching and digging for the truth about his assassins. 

My research lead me to a much more important and timely question: the mystery of what really did happen on 9/11.  Everything that seemed real, turned out to be false.  The US government and the news media, once again, were lying to the world about the real terrorists and the public murder of 2,972 innocents on 9/11.

The “Patriot Act” was actually written prior to 9/11 with the intention of destroying the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It was passed by Congress, based upon the government’s myth of 9/11, which was in reality a staged hoax.  9/11 was scripted and executed by rogue elements of the military, FAA, intelligence, and private contractors working for the US government.

In addition to severely curtailing fundamental rights of Americans, the 9/11 crime was then used by this administration, the one I originally voted for and supported, to justify waging two preemptive wars (and most likely a third war), killing over 4,500 American soldiers, and killing over one million innocent Afghan and Iraqi people.

It was all premeditated.

Treason, a false flag military operation, and betrayal of the trust of the American people were committed on 9/11 by the highest levels of the US government and not one person responsible for the crimes, or the cover-up, has been held accountable for the last six years.

After reading fifteen well researched books, studying eight or nine DVD documentaries, and devoting months of personal research and investigation, I have arrived at one ultimate conclusion: The American government and the US Constitution have been hijacked and subverted by a group of criminals that today are the real terrorists.  They are in control of the US government and they have all violated their oaths of office and committed treason against their own citizens.

John F. Kennedy knew what was a similar truth in his day, and his life was snuffed out, prematurely.  Had JFK’s  assassins been brought to justice after that 1963 day in Dealey Plaza, some of the very same perpetrators that orchestrated the 9/11 crimes, almost 37 years later, would be in prison where they belong.  Don’t let them get away with it, again!”

This statement appeared and was posted on various other websites around the world wide web and was not made without a certain amount of regret.  It was quite difficult to accept that the large amount of evidence that the official US government explanation of what happened on 9/11/01 as published in the NIST Report and the fictional “9/11 Commission Report” written under the guidance of Commission Director, Philip Zelikov, was totally false and misleading, including naming 19 Arab hijackers as “patsies”.  Eight of those suicide Arab hijackers were interviewed and alive after the attacks, but the FBI refuses to revise their list of Islamic “patsies”.

It is quite disturbing to wake up to the knowledge that your government and controlled media would publish and repeat over and over again, outright lies and false descriptions of the facts which formed the basis for foreign and domestic government policies that affect each person in America directly.

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Red Pill or Blue Pill?

In the movie the “Matrix”, Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) offers Neo (Keanu Reeves) the choice of a “red pill” or “blue pill”.  He explains to Neo that they exist in the Matrix, a false reality that has been pulled over their eyes to hide the truth. The truth is that everyone in the world is a slave, born into bondage. Morpheus holds out two pills. In his left palm is a blue pill. If Neo takes it he will wake up in his bed and “believe whatever you want to believe.” But if he takes the red pill in Morpheus’s right hand, then “you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” Neo takes the red pill.

Matrix - Red Pill or Blue Pill

Matrix - Red Pill or Blue Pill

In 2005 a late night television rerun of Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK” prompted me to ask myself, if the assassination of the last real president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, had been solved.  After many books like Jim Marr’s “Crossfire” and months of research in the internet, it was pointed out that the resolution of crime of the Twentieth Century, was not as relevant as the crime of the Twenty First Century, the events of September 11, 2001.

The search for the truth about September Eleventh took me down the rabbit hole when I chose the “red pill” just like Neo did in the Matrix.  Come along and follow me in the search for meaning and understanding of reality.  The search is like a mystery novel with plot twists and turns that take you on a quest of uncovering and discovery.

The Day America Died

The Day America Died

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